In this episode of Chasing the Insights, I talk to business development manager, Josh Ramsey.

Josh talks to us about how and why marketers must return to the fundamentals of marketing.

Josh Ramsey is the Business Development Manager at A digital Marketing Agency focussed on data-driven marketing systems that get results, more leads and sales. He believes that without good marketing, businesses die and people suffer, and that ethical, scientific marketing can change the world.

What are your topic ideas?:
Marketers must return to the fundamentals of marketing and ask better questions before getting caught up in the ‘doing’ of marketing.

It’s easy to get busy being busy, it’s harder to understand which actions are needed and in what order of priority.

The ClearBrand marketing framework of Build Memories, Maximize Availability, and Reach The Market, when understood, open up simple and profound questions to assist in strategic marketing efforts.

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