In this episode of Chasing the Insights, I talk to learning coach extraordinaire, Gregg Goodhart.

Gregg talks to us about the truth about ‘talent’ and how any level of skill in anything is really acquired.

Gregg Goodhart is a pioneer in translating research science to learning superior achievement in the classroom, boardroom, and anything else.

A recovering high school music teacher, he found within teaching music the fundamental principles that allow for accelerated improvement, commonly referred to as talent. This was a result of serious interest in, and study of, cognitive and behavioural neuroscience and psychology that teachers are not taught in teacher training programs. Using his teaching as a lab to experiment with these ideas, he developed unique expertise in explaining to anyone the elements needed to reach any level of success with any skill that is desired.

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He occupies a singular place as a translator between research and practical use in our lives. You won’t hear about these things the way he presents them anywhere else. What is actually possible in our own achievement is mind-blowing.

How successful we are at anything we do will be determined by how well we learn to do that thing. Learning how to learn efficiently and without limits, therefore, is our most valuable self-improvement skill. Learning how to teach it to others is our most valuable leadership tool.

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