In this episode of Chasing the Insights, I talk to consulting expert Peter O’Donoghue.

Peter talks to us about practical ways we can get our next 5 high-paying consulting clients.

Peter O’Donoghue works with entrepreneurial consultants who are usually under the £1 million revenue point and relying on outdated methods (or even no methods at all) to proactively create a predictable source of new clients.

Peter draws on 25 years of experience growing technology companies and professional service-based companies. I grew a sales training company I hated and was glad when a Google algorithm change wiped out all the business overnight which taught me never to put yourself in a position to sell time!

Outside of the CV – Peter took some time out in to race around the World In a Yacht Race – spent 11 months at Sea, and loves adventure and mountain biking.

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