In this episode of Chasing the Insights, I talk to NFT, marketing, and PR specialist Kurt Ivy.

Kurt talks to us about his journey into the web3 space and about the Hype Heros NFT Project.

Kurt Ivy is the founder of Simple Crypto PR, CEO of Coffee Nova, Head of PR for SHOPX, and Head of Marketing for Hype Heros NFT.

He has helped over 20 crypto and NFT projects launch, and has contributed writing to Entrepreneur, CoinTelegraph, Be[In]Crypto, the Defiant, Apple News, Grit Daily, Blocktelegraph, Altcoin Buzz, TechBullion, and Hackernoon.

He helped launch SHOPX two years ago with a 140x launch and has been in writing, PR, and marketing ever since.

Recently, he started his own marketing agency and provides support to projects like SHOPX, Gay Alien Society, Altar, Fresus NFT, Meta Jetz NFT, and Hype Heros.

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Some other perks include:

  • Detailed educational resources on blue chip NFT/crypto trading.
  • Online events and webinars promoting financial literacy.
  • Proprietary trading bots and trading insights.
  • Access to Alpha trading stock strategies.
  • Stock and Forex calls from some of the best in the space
  • NFT calls from some of the best in the space.
  • Guides and resources on launching a Web3 brand from A-Z.
  • Free Analytic Tools, and Minting Bots
  • 50% off major restaurants, movie tickets, and amusement parks.

The Hyper Bot will provide:

  • Access to our custom signature solution and minting module (with millions in profit over the past year)
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  • Access to our OPENSEA sniper
  • Access to our OPENSEA listing, asset manager, etc.
  • Premium support, release, and video guides
  • Guides to winning gas wars

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