In this episode of Chasing the Insights, I talk to entrepreneur and NFT co-founder Sami Belkacemi.

Sami talks to us about how he co-created the Smash Marbles Arena NFT project with his brother.

Sofian and Sami Belkacemi, the Cofounders of Smash Marbles Arena are brothers, fathers, husbands and especially stay kids in their own heads. They grew up in Germany; Sofian is still there and owns small companies, while Sami moved to Paris 10 years ago to study and pursue a career in the Digital market.

For a year now, they have been investing their time and effort into the NFT space and their project.
One thing led to another and what started with an idea, a couple of weeks later, took life. That is when they started working on Smash Marbles Arena.

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The project came to mind since they are convinced that in the short run, the best applications of NFTs are in gaming. So they were set in the first part, built around that and took most of our inspiration from their childhood, a time when they played a lot of Marble games with the neighbourhood kids. Marbles are part of their best memories. Nowadays, they are outdated, and they intend to change this with their project.

Smash Marbles Arena is a Play and Earn Multigames Platform with games for everyone’s taste. ?

Two collections packed with utility:
Arenas: Host battles and earn fees & 1-3 Free Mint Smash Marbles
Smash Marbles: 1to1 Playable Avatars & Participation ticket to tournaments
An ecosystem with Inhouse P2E Games, from external Game devs and other NFT Game Projects. Win win for everybody involved. Entertainment and fun during the bear market:
Until the launch of the Platform WE hold Tournaments for holders. A little extra ?For our Smash Marble NFT holders we start by hosting the biggest online Rock-Paper-Scissors Championship of all time with a Prize Pool of 100 ETH?!!!

Smash Marbles Arena, lets you compile high scores and rankings on your own player page. A platform with exciting skill based Gaming experiences and most essentially an amazingly profitable reward system.

500 Arenas:

  • 1 – 3 Free Mints of Smash Marbles
  • Host games and earn entrance fees (organizing / passive)
  • Daily Airdrops of ingame token
  • Up to three Smash Marbles to claim for free during Public Sale
  • Arena NFT holders gain OG Status and be part of our DAO
  • Customizable to stand out in the P2E

8800 Smash Marbles:

  • Ticket for our interactive Championships (1st Prizepool over 100 ETH)
  • PfP with 300+ Traits
  • 1to1 playable in-game Avatar for SMA gomes
  • Rent your Hero
  • Ingame Token airdrops

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