In this episode of Chasing the Insights, I talk to author and happiness guru Marina Shakour Haber.

Marina talks to us about why we must fail and fall as entrepreneurs.

Marina Shakour Haber, who is known as the Happiness Guru, is the author of ‘Dream A Better Dream’, and her new release, ‘Your GPS to Happiness’.

She is an intuitive life coach who works with people who seek change because their lives broke down, and now they need clarity, direction, and guidance to break through to their new purpose so that they find meaning, fulfilment, and success, but, above all, happiness.

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Marina is also a motivational speaker who seeks to find answers to the mysteries and secrets that hold the promise of bringing positive changes to our worlds such as an evolution of higher consciousness, deeper enlightenment, unconditional love, and Oneness making it the paradise it was meant to be.

Marina was a successful entrepreneur in the nurse staffing and home health care industry in New York and New Jersey, where observed that too many people are stressed, overwhelmed, and unhappy. That led her on a quest to find techniques, practices, and a deeper understanding of underlying causes that would guide them to feel better about themselves and their lives which would positively affect One and all.

She was born in Iran to a Persian/German father and a Dutch mother, relocated to Munich, Germany, where she spent her teenage years, and then emigrated to Vancouver, Canada. She moved to New York when she was offered a job at a leading carpet store where she met her future husband. She now lives in Palm Beach Gardens, FL.

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