In this episode of Chasing the Insights, I talk to the founders of the Vault Collective NFT project, Jacob and Steve.

Jacob and Steve talk to us about their journey into NFTs and the inspiration behind the Vault Collective project.

Jacob is a West Point Graduate, an Active Duty Army Captain, and Member of Team USA Rugby.

He spent the first few years after graduation as an Army Operations Officer before being Sponsored to play on Team USA and compete for a spot at the 2024 Olympic Games. Jacob really dove into researching and investing in Web3 last year during recovery from an injury and was able to start a Web3 Tech Company during this time with Steve.

Steve has a background in Electrical, Computer, and Biomedical Engineering from Duke University.

Steve began his career designing hardware in the medical device industry. He then launched a predictive analytics company focused on using machine learning algorithms to beat the markets. Steve has been a long-time investor in crypto and has been eager for years to dive into Web3 dev.

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The Vault Collective is the first collection to make cryptocurrency a wearable asset.

Owners of The Vault Collective NFT will be able to load ETH into their “Vault” or Necklace and watch their NFT dynamically change in front of their very eyes.

The Vault Collective utilizes dynamic art and custom smart contracts, creating a unique way to display your ETH to the world. They also offer automatic staking of the underlying ETH so owners can generate a passive income.

You can connect with The Vault Collective here:

Company Website:
Project Website:


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