In this episode of Chasing the Insights, I talk to leadership expert Susan Renni Anderson.

Susan talks to us about the path to servant leadership and why it is so important.

Susan Renni Anderson has 30 years’ experience coaching leaders and business owners in the fields of financial services and real estate. She is the author of Christianity’s Jewish Roots: A Study of Judaism for Christians.

Susan brings wisdom, expertise, and experience to help entrepreneurs and business leaders transition from a top-down, power leadership business model to a servant leadership model. Susan offers a step-by-step guide to implementing a servant-led culture.

I’m a John Maxwell Certified coach, speaker, and trainer. I’ve been coaching for 30 years. My 2nd book The Path to Servant Leadership: A How-to Guide should come out late this year.

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There are over 150,000 books in print on leadership. There are approximately 150 on servant leadership. Currently, there are none offering a thorough road map to changing existing business culture and adopting a servant-led culture.

Working together in a 12-month coaching program, I help my clients identify, and establish their company’s core values. I help them transition their organization from a top down business model to a servant led organization. During the time we work together, they will develop high-performance teams headed by departmental servant leaders.

What makes my work unique is the How-To aspect of my program and my upcomig book. I help business leaders who are struggling with employee disengagement and high turnover, lack of collaboration, and toxic workplace culture. By implementing Servant Leadership, my clients are enjoying a thriving culture with engaged employees and happy customers.

I’d like to propose a story idea called “Paradigm Flip.” Visualize a pyramid with the CEO at the top, then management, then employees, and lastly customers – this is a traditional command and control leadership. If the front-line employees are disengaged and silent quitters, how well do you think the customers are treated?

Now if you flip that pyramid. This is a support and develop style of leading – Servant Leadership. This is the type of leadership that is preferred by Millennials and GenZs – 46% of the workforce

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