In this episode of Chasing the Insights, I talk to inspirational entrepreneur Tanya MFK.

Tanya talks to us about how we can learn to design our own success.

Tanya MFK is the creator of the success schedule – A step by step method to make time for all of your have to’s and obligations as well as wish to’s and want to’s to live your best life now

She is also the founder of Success by Design teaching coaches, consultants and course creators how to design their time, mindset and plan to create success and profit on their terms.

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With over 18 years in global business development with Fortune 500 companies, million dollar start-ups and Grammy nominated artists and a degree in Applied Neuroscience, she was nominated Central Europe’s Founder of the year in both 2020 and 2021.
After losing her husband to cancer at age 25, this recovering workaholic began a mission to eliminate the hustle culture that poisons entrepreneurship and focuses on teaching others to enjoy life while creating a clear road to success.

Her Accelerator Group: Success By Design, supports coaches, consultants and course creators of all levels to let go of the hacks and create sustainable wealth through self-tailored strategies and support.
Her program Success Schedule has taught 100’s of people from 6 continents and all walks of life from entrepreneurs, to retirees, moms and students how to redesign their time to live all their “want-to’s” and “wish-to’s” not just “have-to’s”

Together, all her tools, workshops, programs and speaking is around one core idea: There is no someday. Your best life is now.

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