In this episode of Chasing the Insights, I talk to personal finance guru Stephen Nagy.

Stephen talks to us about how we can take back control of our money.

Stephen Nagy left his career as a Personal Financial Advisor to pursue his dream of being an entrepreneur and Real Estate Investor. 14 years later, he has never looked back.

Stephen has spoken on hundreds of stages across the United States and worked with thousands of students over that time.

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Living in south Florida with his wife and son, Stephen not only talks the talk but walks the walk every single day, growing his Real Estate businesses and practicing financial strategies like IBC to create a legacy.

Alongside his co-founder Chris Naugle, Stephen is dedicated to helping Money School students learn financial education, how to take back control of their money, and helping them achieve their dreams.

Stephen now shares his experience, education, and strategies through weekly webinar training, Live events, and working with clients one on one.

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