In this episode of Chasing the Insights, I talk to SamDCapitalist himself, Samuel Miller.

Sam talks to us about the Invisible Enemies NFT Project.

Samuel Miller has lived in Texas almost his whole life and has a hard time choosing anywhere else. Only 23 years old but as young as he is, he still manages to take on as many challenges as he can to grow as a person.

He is a project manager for the Invisible Enemies NFT Project.

Invisible Enemies is about bringing awareness to mental health problems that oftentimes face the veteran community very heavily.

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The name invisible enemies was chosen because people should know that the only wounds brought back when fighting for your country are not just physical; they are mental too.

PTSD, depression, anxiety, and more are those invisible enemies our project is about shedding light on. Our NFTs and community strive to do that through art, storytelling and providing resources and support through good and bad times.

We want the holders of our NFTs that invest in this vision to be awarded too, through an extensive alpha channel to learn and grow on making money in NFTs and crypto while also getting a chance to fund a system which we use to bring awareness to important causes as well as fund charities on an ongoing basis and perhaps even create our own in the long term.

Holders will also get IP rights to the art to help further spread the message we set to create by creating their own businesses and brands under the invisible enemies umbrella. We want to pack enough value in here where once a foundation is built with the first and second collections, what we do next is not even a question of possibility.

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