In this episode of Chasing the Insights, I talk to the rebel of marketing herself, Lisa Raebel!

Lisa talks to us about the importance and the power of your pitch.

Lisa Raebel is the REBEL of Rebel Girl Marketing.

As the Founder, Speaker & Chief Storyteller, Lisa developed her proprietary RebelMindset strategies after more than twenty-five years in corporate America as a successful marketing executive and leading sales professional.

Her mission is to help business owners who know they need better sales and marketing strategies yet have no idea where to start.

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You will often hear her say, “Everything is marketing. From how you answer your phone to your final conversation with a customer… it’s all marketing.” Lisa cuts through the noise and breaks marketing opportunities down to what makes sense for her clients, creating strategies that are simple and relatable to their target audiences.

Lisa’s workshop-style speaking engagements provide participants with content and strategies they can implement immediately. One popular speaking topic is “The Power of Your Pitch,” which helps anyone make great first impressions. There are benefits to a #rebelmindset!
When Lisa is not working, she is spending time with her two children and husband of 28 years. Her passion for creativity is unleashed through photography, cooking, and enjoying long hikes through the numerous trails in southeast Wisconsin… probably with a craft beer or bourbon in her hand!

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