In this episode of Chasing the Insights, I talk to the humble leader of the GnarNarwhals and GnarAF DAO!

Caleb talks to us about his journey into NFTs and creating the GnarAF DAO.

Caleb is a father, husband, cannabis advocate, and cannabis entrepreneur with multiple ventures throughout the USA. He lives his life by the motto that when we take ourselves too seriously, life stops being fun.

We have to trust the silliness and stop caring what other people think or say. In the last six months, the universe led Caleb to NFTs. Through this amazing space, he found his creative spark and rediscovered his inner gnar. The GnarNarwhal Project is the result.

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He developed and designed the collection concept and details, the artwork, the storyline, the website, the community structure, and a majority of the marketing.

Caleb is used to wearing a myriad of hats daily and wants to share his awakening and ignite the imaginative fire within you. We are all creatives, we are all dreamers, and we are all searching for a community to embrace. Humans thrive when we cooperate. Winning together is #gnarAF.

What’s next? We’re The GnarAF DAO. 

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