In this episode of Chasing the Insights, I talk to the award-winning marketer, speaker and storyteller Aleya Harris.

Aleya talks to us about breaking out of the sea of sameness with the power of storytelling.

Aleya Harris, CPCE is a powerhouse Storybrand Certified Guide, empire-building owner of Flourish Marketing, award-winning marketer, sought-after speaker, mic-drop copywriter, and woo enthusiast.

She’s committed to helping entrepreneurs get out of the never-ending grind so they can tap into their heart’s purpose and live a life that uplifts their soul.

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“Break Out of the Sea of Sameness with the Power of Storytelling” How to tell a captivating story that differentiates you from the competition and takes your business to the next level

As you look across the industry landscape, all you see is how the once extraordinary has become trite. Here’s the worst part: try as you might, all your innovative ideas have also been assimilated into the common lexicon and you find yourself languishing in a sea of sameness. All you want is to stand out, but the more you try, the more you get frustrated because your brilliant efforts are short-lived. It has become exhausting to stay ahead of the pack with game-changing creativity only to watch the masses steal it.

There is a better way to transform from an industry leader and claim your rightful spot as an industry legend.

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