In this episode of Chasing the Insights, I talk to entrepreneur and financial guru Dorothy Kolb.

Dorothy talks to us about what Women leaving corporate should know to become entrepreneurs.

Dorothy Kolb launched dk east associates to provide entrepreneurs with clarity around their financials, improvement in their processes and confidence in their business.

She combined her education and skills as a CFO with her production & operations background in entertainment at CBS Sports, FOX Sports, NBC, CBS Radio and more to provide a much-needed offering to creative, social-impact & podcast entrepreneurs.

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I’ll be honest… I never intended to be an entrepreneur. But frankly, I was tired of being in the old boys network and working for someone else’s bottom line. As fate would have it, in 2017, I found myself a laid-off, newly single mom of 4 sons and thought, this is the time to take that side hustle full-time.

Knowing my CFO skills would benefit others who were seeking a better entrepreneur life, I joined the journey of many women before me who tossed away the corporate handcuffs & briefcase. I found myself working with amazing entrepreneurs who had a passion for their business but had fear, anxiety, stress and even embarrassment around numbers. They craved clarity and I could provide that.

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