In this episode of Chasing the Insights, I talk to the emotional wellness coach and inspirational speaker Bri Tartaglione.

Bri talks to us about the importance of emotional wellness for us as entrepreneurs.

Bri Tartaglione is a Certified School Counselor, Emotional Wellness Coach, podcaster, and empowerment speaker in the field of personal development and mental well-being.

She holds two master’s degrees in School & Counseling Psychology from Columbia University, and now lives and practices her work in New York City.

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Bri’s 10+ years of experience in psychology and education intersected with her personal journey, bringing about the inception of her organization, Bria Dorothia LLC.

The company focuses on providing curated services for individuals & groups around limiting beliefs, self-worth, emotional fitness, and conscious frameworks of development. In all her work, Bri is passionate about helping individuals pivot their problems into their possibilities, and strives to foster an environment of intentional self-work and discovery.

Her podcast, “Deep Conversations with Dope Individuals” is where Bri is able to connect with individuals around their personal story, discussing how their journey has led them to a purpose-driven life. In all her work, Bri continues to embody her tagline “buy into the possibility of you” which sets the tone for her personal growth, as well as the work she does with her clients and community.

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