In this episode of Chasing the Insights, I talk to conversational experience expert Mary Kathryn Johnson.

MKJ talks so us about how we can use social tokens and conversational design to increase know, like & trust with communities.

Mary Kathryn Johnson is the CEO & Founder of the Conversational Experience Design Agency Messenger Funnels.

MKJ has been nicknamed the “ChatBotMom” by her Conversational Marketing community.

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Her clients and students enjoy the innovative conversion-based conversational marketing methods that have helped sell millions in products, services and online courses, with one client making $1M in just 99 days exclusively from the Messenger Funnel MKJ built.

She trains students to do the same through Bot Academy, and the bleeding-edge technologies like NFT’s and Social Tokens she helps deploy.

Her podcast Parent Entrepreneur Power has helped thousands of parents with business models and fostering entrepreneurship for their kids.

You can connect with MKJ here:

Bot Academy Website:
Bot Academy Training:
Messenger Funnels:


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