In this episode of Chasing the Insights, I talk to Intuitive Mindset Mastery guru Mindi Huebner.

Mindi talks to us about how and why we should rewire our brains.

Mindi Huebner is an Intuitive Mindset Mastery Coach, NLP practitioner, a certified Health, Life and Success Coach, and Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Mindi’s top priority is to help people challenge their limiting beliefs, embrace their confidence, and reveal the wildly successful humans they are.

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Mindi assists in the important act of rewiring her client’s brains, and unlocking their magic so they can create a soul aligned business and extraordinary life.

Mindi has been coaching, teaching, and mentoring her entire adult life. In 2017, she fully immersed herself in NLP, habits and neuroscience, finding her passion to help others rewire their brain in order to pursue their best lives— without the burnout.

After many years of successful hustling, grinding and striving, Mindi realized that being exhausted was not sustainable and definitely not how she wanted to continue to feel. She knew there had to be a more aligned way to achieve. That’s when she leaned on mediation, and a deepening spirituality practice.

Combining her brain-based education, her strategy, and trusting her intuition resulted in a new found freedom that she needed to share with the world. She was no longer striving to out-hustle her beliefs, but rewired her brain which created the container for her inevitable success.

Mindi has been married for over 30 years with 2 adult daughters. She loves to consume twice as much water as she does coffee, move her body daily, and would be happy have breakfast for every meal.

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