In this episode of Chasing the Insights, I talk to serial entrepreneur and remote employee training expert Jeff Zigman.

Jeff talks to us about creating scalable remote employee training.

Jeff has been a tech entrepreneur for 10 years, having led/built 25+ software projects from idea to Live, including multimillion-dollar enterprise software, with an engineering background, 10 years as a Business Analyst, and 8 years as a Chief Technology Officer.

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Jeff is married with 2 little kids and during COVID, he created a software platform that incorporates the learning principles he gained from 20 years of martial arts into a remote learning system that has proved more effective for virtual training than most in-person training, with higher absorption and better retention.

His current areas of focus with it are an Active Shooter Preparation remote training course that can be scaled to 1,000’s of employees in days, as well as creating remote skill training in larger organizations for any process-oriented skillsets that can also be scaled to all employees in days, condensing about 6-12 months of learning into around 2-3 hours.

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