In this episode of Chasing the Insights, talk to health and nutrition specialist Heather Gray.

Heather talks to us about why we get brain fog and some practical tips for clearing it.

Heather Gray is a Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist Practitioner.

She found this work after 27 years of undiagnosed Lyme Disease, Celiac Disease, Hashimoto’s, and Endometriosis.

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Heather was depressed, anxious, and in chronic widespread pain, bad skin, bloated, constipated, exhausted, weight gain, and had horrible periods to name a few things.

She set out on a path to healing. She has now lost over 100bs, her pain has lessened, no more suicidal thoughts, and has all-day energy.

Heather now has a practice where she teaches others how to take care of themselves and get the inflammation off their body and brain. She gives you control over your health journey. She helps you destroy brain fog, moodiness, chronic inflammation, and pain.

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