In this episode, we talk to Evelina Dzimanaviciute the Organisational Wellbeing Consultant and founder of Elite Mind and the Elite Mind Academy. We talk about dealing with those pesky inner voices that tell us we are not worthy.

Evelina also outlines some practical ways for entrepreneurs to mentally prepare themselves for the stresses and mental pressure of launching your own business or venture.

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Evelina Dzimanavičiūtė is an Organisational Wellbeing Consultant and speaker providing individuals and organisations with insights and neuroscience-based solutions for Leadership Development, Talent and Wellbeing strategy, Organisational Change, Strategic Alignment, as well as Stress Resilience and Mental Health support.

As a founder of Elite Mind and Elite Mind Academy, Evelina is on a mission to bridge the gap between business performance and individual wellbeing. Her unique approach to personal and professional development is based on therapeutic, neuroscience-based solutions combined with practical applications of performance coaching and organisational development.

Evelina came to England just over a decade ago without even speaking the language and has built a successful leadership career and several entrepreneurial projects, all while studying for a degree, raising a child, and supporting suicidal individuals. Her unique journey of adaptation, perseverance, as well as recovery from a tumour, is an inspiring story often shared on international stages and leadership events.

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