In this episode of Chasing the Insights, I talk to publishing guru Alinka Rutkowska.

Alinka talks to us about how and why we need to create a lead generation book.

Alinka Rutkowska is the CEO of Leaders Press, a USA Today and Wall Street Journal best-selling press, where she creates books for entrepreneurs from scratch and launches them to best-seller with a 100% success rate.

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She runs a hybrid publishing house with traditional distribution (via Simon & Schuster) through which more than 500 entrepreneurs have been able to share their stories with the world.

172 of Leaders Press authors have become USA Today and Wall Street Journal best-selling authors.

Alinka has been featured by Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, Entrepreneurs on Fire and numerous other outlets. Her mission is to help 10,000 entrepreneurs share their wisdom with the world by 2030.

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What type of book should you write:
How to get a book published:


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