In this episode of Chasing the Insights, I talk to crypto specialist Tinashe Nyatanga.

Tinashe talks to us about his journey to launch his NFT series.

Tinashe Nyatanga got into cryptocurrency in 2014. Starting by buying Bitcoin and wanting to grow his investments he came across an exchange called “poloniex” that would let him trade Bitcoin into altcoins.

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From there he started doing more research and learning about the blockchain sphere realizing it was the future. His wins have helped him invest in other businesses while continuing in the blockchain space.

He also now has a private Facebook group with 18k+ members where he teaches all aspects of the blockchain space to members for free. He has helped many people in the group make 6 and seven figures from 3 to 4 figure investments over time.

He spoke at the first Crypto For The Culture virtual conference that was sponsored by Visa, square and other sponsors.

Tinashe Nyatanga recently launched a project called The Fims, the most unique NFT series on Ethereum.

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