In this episode of Chasing the Insights, I talk to professional storyteller and podcast guru Eric Skwarczynski.

Eric talks to us about practical ways to grow your podcast or YouTube channel.

Eric Skwarczynski can best be described as a storyteller. Since 2013, he has fulfilled various media production roles, including as a videographer, photographer, writer & graphic designer.

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His work has taken him to over 20 states and 13 different countries and has included a documentary film, an 8-episode mini-series, and several commercials. He currently serves as the content director for – a guest-booking marketplace for content creators.

Eric is also deeply passionate about raising awareness of mental, physical, and sexual abuse within Independent Baptist Churches. His podcast on the subject, Preacher Boys, launched in January 2020, and in under two years surpassed 700,000 podcast downloads and nearly 1,000,000 YouTube views.

He recently launched a second podcast called Film School’d that has featured directors, actors, writers, academy award-winning FX artists, and more film industry experts.

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