In this episode of Chasing the Insights, I talk to best-selling author, speaker, and transformational coach Sarah Willoughby.

Sarah talks to us about writing and becoming an author (including lots of tips and tricks).

Sarah Willoughby is a transformation coach, bestselling author, speaker, energy healer and infertility coach, empowering people to heal, love themselves, achieve more and transform their lives.

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In 2009, following a disastrous IVF cycle that almost cost Sarah her life, Sarah listened to her intuition, left behind her ten-year corporate HR career and emigrated from the UK to Australia to begin a new life.

Sarah has written articles for Modern Warrior Magazine and is a co-author for the international bestseller Business, Life and the Universe, volume 3.

Her teaching memoir will be published by Morgan James Publishing in 2022. In this book, Sarah openly shares her challenging journey to becoming a mum, as well as the wisdom, tools and techniques that enabled her to embrace her fears, live her best life and coach others to do the same.

Blessed to live by the sea in Melbourne, Australia, Sarah loves spending time in nature with her three beautiful children who are her greatest teachers.

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