In this episode of Chasing the Insights, I talk to best-selling author and passionate educator Fiona Mckeon.

Fiona talks us through her journey of publishing her first ever book. 

Fiona is passionate about educating for the twenty-first century and has been empowering people from all educational levels through education, training, and mentoring. She has developed learning programs for all ages to develop and enhance their personal skills through active learning.

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Fiona initially trained as an Educator in Froebel College Dublin, teaching seven- to twelve-year-olds for many years. Fiona holds a MA in Educational Leadership and Management and set up BizWorld Ireland in 2011 to bridge the gap between the business and educational community, equipping the next generation of young teenagers with the skills for entrepreneurship.

Fiona has developed Educational Programs in areas like communications, critical thinking, money management, decision making, self-awareness, empathy, team building, and innovation. Fiona particularly likes working with young adults as they prepare to make life-changing decisions around their careers.

Fiona wrote Career Elevator as a culmination of her extensive experience empowering people and organizations for over twenty years. Personal skills are often ignored in favor of professional skills and Career Elevator seeks to address that imbalance.

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