In this episode of Chasing the Insights, I talk to author and inspirational speaker Sheldon R.S. Crocker.

Sheldon talks to us about diversity and inclusion as it applies to us as entrepreneurs. 

Sheldon is a Published Author of a book entitled ‘KEEP on WALKING – A Transformational & Inspirational Journey.’ He’s been interested in public speaking and sharing his lived experiences since he succeeded in stopping his addictions 20+ years ago.

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Sheldon grew up in a small community. The only one there with a physical disability; unable to raise his arms above his chest. Doctors thought he would never walk on his own. The only way he could get downstairs was to sit on his bum and bop his way down. Just three short years ago, he completed the Tely10, a 10-mile road ahead of 29 others.

He won the Human Relations Award during his Dale Carnegie training. He is VP of Public Relations with Toastmasters. He has spoken at AGMs of various social organizations. He’s the past-President of the Positive Thinkers Club as well as being a graduate of both Business Management and Business Administration.

Mission Statement: To inspire leaders around the globe, to positively impact millions of lives; to be the difference-maker in the personal, family and business lives of enough people in the world to make a positive difference globally. Empower individuals and organizations to make a significant positive difference in their lives and in the lives of others. By enhancing people’s lives and contributing to social prosperity through innovative conversations, I aim to inspire the world.

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