In this episode of Chasing the Insights, I talk to professional baseball player and artist Evan Mendoza.

Evan talks to us about his journey with NFTs and how he created the Diamond Dawgs community. 

Evan Mendoza is a current player for the St. Louis Cardinals and founder and CEO of Diamond Dawgs NFTs.

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While performing at the highest athletic level, he’s continued to create and hone his artistic skills. He united his passion for baseball and art to create an inclusive community in the Metaverse.

He believes deeply in being able to interact and connect with his fans, using art as the genesis.

His unique, hand drawn Diamond Dawgs are his twist on the traditional baseball card, as a building block to grow a brand and carve out his spot in this new emerging landscape.

His art is the vessel to invite fans, friends and strangers to join in the movement, offering exclusive merch, giveaways, information and team building. The Diamond Dawgs are more than an NFT, they are a brand and a lifestyle, focused on creativity and inclusivity.

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