In this episode of Chasing the Insights, I talk to author and serial entrepreneur Brenda Miller.

Brenda talks to us about the six tips for entrepreneurs to get ‘right now relief’ in an upset with their employees or customers. 

Brenda’s quest has been to find ‘right now relief’ in an upset—so that we can go from chaos to calmness in 30 seconds when challenges of any kind arise at home or in the workplace. To aid in that endeavor she taught conscious conflict resolution in six countries

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As an entrepreneur, having been involved in 21 businesses, her extensive experience helps turn grumpy employees and customers into grateful participants in your success.

Her devotion to instant evolution out of common stressors like kid-chaos, and workplace woes began twenty years ago—and ever since, she’s been offering others, through her private practice, books, and speaking engagements, ways to free themselves from upsets and inner conflict—on the spot!

She discovered that joy is natural to all of us and she enthusiastically helps people rediscover theirs (all day long) by using one of the strategies in her book, The Kid Code, 30 Second Parenting Strategies—endorsed by Jack Canfield, bestselling co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul series. He says, “I absolutely love your work. Your book is phenomenal. Everybody needs this book.”

Brenda and her husband have three kids who gave them eight grandchildren and that means family get togethers are a happy reminder that kids bring everyone to life.

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