In this episode of Chasing the Insights, I talk to one of my favourite podcasters Reena Friedman Watts.

Reena talks to us about how you can build a personal brand as a mompreneur. 

Reena has a God-given talent for connecting people and building communities, and she bestows her magic on people in the most selfless and genuine way. Ideas for how people can achieve the fantastic flow out of her head as effortlessly as breath flows into her lungs.

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There’s not much Reena Friedman Watts hasn’t done in her professional life.

She’s scoured the NPR newswire for stories. She’s combed through hundreds of small claims cases. She’s worked on reality TV shows such as The Jerry Springer Show, Court TV, and Nanny 911.

She’s worked in Radio. She’s planned mega-events for the telecom and finance industries. She’s secured sponsors and emceed. She’s booked sensational and hard-to-get guests such as Howard Schultz, Barbara Corcoran, Ken Coleman, and Derek Sivers on Cathy Heller’s Don’t Keep Your Day Job Podcast and boosted the downloads from 4M to nearly 15M.

She coaches entrepreneurs on how to get unstuck and find their first clients, she gets blurbs from influencers for their best-selling books, and she even helps them grow communities of their own.

Reena is a questioner and a story junkie, and she’s scratching that itch on her highly anticipated podcast, Better Call Daddy. She’s telling the stories that haven’t been told and sprinkling them with wisdom from one of her most trusted advisors, her Dad.

Reena is a hustler, a change-maker, and a consummate connector. Imagine what she can do for you.

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