In this episode of Chasing the Insights, I talk to business and life partners Renata Farah and Matteo Bruschi.

Renata and Matteo talk to us about making entrepreneurship work as a couple in both business and life. 

Renata and Matteo are the Founders Grow & Scale Online & The Experts Accelerator Program.

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Renata and Matteo are partners that have worked together since 2019. Both have a very strong background in sports, Matteo being a professional cyclist and triathlete and Renata an elite cyclist at the age of 39 (it’s never too late and nothing is impossible!).

Their professional background is in finance, communications, and marketing and in 2020 they started their own online coaching business to EMPOWER coaches and consultants to grow and scale online.

They stand for creating a life that you look back on thinking “WOW what an amazing journey“! Their mission is to be inspiring mentors empowering others to be motivated to create new opportunities so that they can take the leap of faith and go for glory!

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