In this episode of Chasing the Insights, I talk to entrepreneur and Emmy Award winning documentary filmmaker Rudy Poe.

Rudy talks to us about the process of change and how we can use it to predict the future.

Rudy Poe describes his purpose in life in three words; “Change. For Better.”

No stranger to change, Rudy is an entrepreneur and Emmy Award winning documentary filmmaker who has co-founded two highly successful companies in completely different industries.

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An adept innovator, storyteller and change maker, Rudy has become expert at pulling disparate resources together and crafting them into thought-provoking media that is practical, educational and entertaining.

His most recent work, Embracing Change: Your Go-To Guide to Your Desired Future is a useful, comprehensive and easy to understand book and online course that’s not only about what is but what can be.

The tools he creates are both informative and transformative and are designed to help individuals better understand themselves and the reasons why change can be so difficult to master.

Rudy’s passion, professional skills and life experience are the driving force behind his ongoing efforts to foster positive change in our rapidly evolving world. His goal is, quite simply, to help individuals develop a future-forward mindset that will enable and empower them to become expert problem-solvers, decision-makers and change-for-better-makers themselves.

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