In this episode of Chasing the Insights, I talk to legendary sales guru Rob Cornilles.

Rob talks to us about his #1 International Bestselling book – The Sales Game Changer: How to Become the Salesperson People Love.

Rob Cornilles has been transforming the way salespeople around the world sell.

The first to provide sales training to the powerful and high-stakes world of sports and entertainment, Rob quickly became known as “the sales coach for sports.”

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After launching Game Face Inc., in 1995, with a focus on professional sports franchises, Rob has gone on to advise, coach, and mentor more than 50,000 executives at over 400 diverse brands worldwide. Rob’s clientele includes the National Football League, National Basketball Association, Major League Baseball, Rugby Union Football (England Rugby), National Basketball League (AUS), Hershey Corporation, Disney, Cirque du Soleil, MGM Resorts and Entertainment, MaritzCX, Dental Intelligence, A-dec, and Lucid Software.

In the summer of 2020, in less than 12 hours Rob’s newest book, The Sales Game Changer: How to Become the Salesperson People Love, became a bestseller on four continents. He recently launched a companion master course, The Sales Game Changer, available online.

With his new podcast, GAME FACE EXECS, Rob has interviewed such prominent business and entertainment personalities as Meg Whitman, Stephen M.R. Covey, “Gold Rush” creator and star Todd Hoffman, as well as the CEOs of Columbia Sportswear, Cotopaxi, the Houston Texans, and AtHome.

Rob has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, LA Times, FOX-TV, Sports Business Journal, FOX News’s Your World with Neil Cavuto, and numerous local television and radio programs, newspapers, and podcasts worldwide.

Founder & CEO, Game Face, Inc.
Author of the #1 International Bestseller: The Sales Game Changer: How to Become the Salesperson People Love
Host: The Sales Game Changer MasterClass
Host: Game Face Execs Podcast

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