In this episode of Chasing the Insights, I talk to the founder of the ‘Oh the stories we tell’ model Chris Templeton.

Chris talks to us about his model and the three questions we should be asking ourselves to create more meaning and happiness in our lives.

Chris Templeton began developing the Oh The Stories We Tell model in 2003. Driven by a strong desire to more fully understand the dynamics of his personal and professional relationships, he has been exploring and developing the model ever since.

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Initially inspired by Eckhart Tolle’s, The Power Of Now, Chris began to understand how his self-talk drove him crazy in some parts of his life. In others, there was no poor story and as a result no real craziness.

After watching Jill Bolte-Taylor’s amazing TED Talk in 2008 the model simply fell together and it all just made sense. Chris has been working to develop the model and put it into writing both in a book, illustrated piece and video ever since.

Chris is inspired in his work, whether it be the writing of his book, consulting with individuals and organizations or simply building his speaking engagements. His excitement for how the model can serve others is contagious.

This inspiration is also driven by how completely the model applies to most personal and interpersonal situations throughout our days, and a deep desire to share our role in creating stories that either serve us or don’t and how to move more consistent to Authentic stories that serve us for life.

Chris Templeton began developing the Oh The Stories We Tell model

Chris’ goal is simple; to provide you three questions and a model to create more meaning and happiness in your life. With your family, friends, work and most importantly yourself. This is not therapy or a belief system, but a tool to help you enhance and clarify what is most important to you.

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