In this episode, we talk to the inspirational author, digital marketer and podcast host Brimo Morales.

Did you know you can build an audience and make sales on Facebook organically? It’s true! Brimo talks us through her proven framework to build an online business without having to spend on ads.

Brimo Morales is the host of the podcast “Brimo live, a journey to six figures”, digital marketer, filmmaker, videographer and author of “Online Marketing Genius”.

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Brimo has helped numerous people learn about online marketing and navigating the busy world of social media for the last three years and has dedicated her life to finding the best strategies to help people stand out and sell on social media. The Online Marketing Genius book is a compilation of all the knowledge she’s garnered on her journey to helping people generate their own incomes online.

Now she is on a mission to help 1,000 people make their first $1,000 online!

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