In this episode of Chasing the Insights, I talk to the founder of the ADHD Business university, AnnMarie Espina.

AnnMarie talks to us about how to remove yourself from the social stories about ADHD and create your own story about what is possible for you.

AnnMarie has a lifetime of managing her own ADHD and successfully navigated two Post-Secondary Universities, a successful career, and successfully navigating business and entrepreneurship.

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AnnMarie created ADHD Business University which is globally the first university to cater specifically to ADHD Entrepreneurs.

The content is taught all in an ADHD friendly way to help entrepreneurs leverage the power of ADHD to grow their businesses with ease. The course also helps students master sales, marketing, operations, connections and collaborations.

She also created the Accomplished Mind Method where she incorporates NLP techniques to help clients RELEASE old unproductive habits, and create their VISION with the power of their SUBCONSCIOUS MIND to help them completely transform the way they show up in their businesses and how they navigate ADHD.

AnnMarie is passionate about changing the social stories about ADHD so that navigating business and life with ADHD becomes easy!

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