In this episode of Chasing the Insights, I talk to Business Coach, Author, Speaker & Trainer Kate Meiner.

Kate talks to us about how we can harness the power of resourcefulness to achieve success.

Kate Meiner is a Business Coach, Author, Speaker & Trainer that has a passion and personal mission to influence, inspire and impact the lives of others. She has served as an executive leader in a top real estate franchise, producing growth, market share, profitability and organizational leadership.

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She has a passion for coaching, training, and developing leaders in the world of business. And as a result their people and the business aligns with the company’s mission and vision to achieve massive results!

Kate believes that resourcefulness is the most underrated skill in today’s business environment and that sparked her mission to write the book Figure it Out – how to harness the power of resourcefulness and achieve success! Which teaches each reader the five foundational trait skills which are crucial in the journey to becoming a master of resourcefulness.

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