In this episode of Chasing the Insights, I talk to social selling guru Linan Munoz.

Linan talks to us about social selling and how to hit the jackpot everytime. 

Linan is a Premium Social Selling Mentor and has built her business to 6 figures in 15 months. Linan has been social selling since 2015, mentoring since 2013 and helping men and women scale their business for 1 year.

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Linan’s specialty is helping coaches scale their 1:many offer, with done for you or done with you premium social sales support. With her proven to work; profitable sales system & framework.

Linan is well known for high touch support, being high vibe, exceptional client experience and providing quality lead generation to help you hit your client goals BEFORE you live launch.


Living on the beach in MA, Linan is a graduate from The University of Massachusetts Boston. She is a Pisces and love to travel.

And Linan LOVES what she does.

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