In this episode of Chasing the Insights, I talk to marketing guru Austin Luliano.

Austin talks to us about his crazy journey and how you can build your personal brand using social media. 

Austin Iuliano is a revolutionary marketing expert who went from homeless to being seen on Forbes, Business Insider, Influencive, and Social Media Today for his unique social media expertise.

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Austin helps public figures build their personal brands using his unique methodology of personal branding and social media marketing disruption.

Austin knows what it takes to disrupt the marketplace and generate attention. Austin has live-streamed to an extended audience of over 1 million followers with over 30,000 concurrent viewers.

Austin has created viral content on almost all social media platforms and even before social media was big. Austin hit the front page of his local paper snowboarding down a mountain in nothing but a leopard printed thong when he was 18.

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