In this episode of Chasing the Insights, I talk to educator and leadership guru Charles Matheus.

Charles talks to us about how we can redefine strength for 21st-century leadership. 

Charles Matheus (Matthews) helps emerging leaders build the strength the world needs.

Charles has thirty five years’ experience as an educator, wilderness guide, and team leader. He has mentored and taught thousands of teens and adults in effective communication, overcoming challenges, and compassionate leadership.

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Charles earned a B.S. in Education from Cornell University and completed graduate work in the application of nonviolent principles to education and leadership.

Charles has been a classroom teacher, a nonprofit manager, a wilderness guide and professional speaker. He has helped found several nonprofit and for profit businesses and was Chairman of the Board for Boys to Men USA, a national nonprofit dedicated to increasing intergenerational mentoring opportunities for boys.

Charles uses his skills in social media, strategic planning, and group facilitation, to run a podcast production company, and to promote sustainable community development, and to encourage men to develop inclusive leadership skills for the 21st Century.

His book, “Redefining Strength” is due by the end of the year.

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