In this episode of Chasing the Insights, I talk to life coach and podcast host Tara Chatzakis.

Tara talks to us about limiting beliefs. Where they come from and how they affect our performance. 

Tara is passionate about helping women become the best version of themselves. She believes that everyone has huge potential within them but that society has filled people with so much fear that they often can’t see a way out of their situation.

Tara makes it her mission to show women what is possible and help them believe in themselves, and tap into their true power.

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Tara is a certified Robbins Madanes Coach, Law of Attraction Practitioner, as well as the podcast host of one of the top 5% global shows, Happy Inspired Motivated.

Tara helps women create businesses that change lives. Attracting abundance, joy, love & laughter, with a little help from the Universe.

Making manifesting your potential & dream life is as easy as A, B, C; Affirm, Believe, Create, Tara uses her 3 pillars to success to help her clients get clarity in their lives, and visibility for their business through social media & podcasting, creating alignment with their own mission.

She uses her knowledge of the Law of Attraction to support women to step into their power so they can make an impact in the world. She aims to be a part of the change in the dynamics of business, enabling a balance of masculine and feminine energy in the industry.

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