In this episode of Chasing the Insights, I talk to wellness coach and celebrity fitness trainer Ariel Hoffman.

Ariel talks to us about how we can prioritize your health and wellness like you prioritize your business. 

Ariel Hoffman is a wellness coach, celebrity fitness trainer, entrepreneur, and mother.

She is also the founder of Ariel Hoffman Wellness, which is on a mission to change the way people (especially women) view and treat their bodies and themselves.

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Ariels’s company helps high achieving executives, business owners, and mothers struggling with chronic stress, fatigue, and burnout, create a personalized wellness practice that fits into their busy lives so they can feel strong, energized, and focused to do their best in work and in life.

Ariel is a master in transforming clients, and keeping them on top of their game.

She has been a top instructor among the most influential and ground breaking fitness methods in NYC & LA. Among working with many celebrities, Ariel has developed fitness and nutrition programs for thousands of clients and has designed elite training programs for professional trainers.

Ariel helps you strive to find your own way to measure accomplishments based on what matters to you.

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