Stephanie is a brand + business strategist and her jam is helping other magical AF entrepreNERDS get BOLD and BRAZEN in their brand/business so they can go bigger, go louder, connect and CONVERT more holy grail clients, and basically make more money being raw, real, and unapologetically themselves.

She's a: total nerd, animal obsessor, lion chaser, Texas Aggie, lover of Jesus, breaker of molds, crusher of boxes, and a fierce believer in the badass magic you (and only you) can give the world.

Her business began as a leap of faith after 13 years in public education, she's got a dope husband, and her own little mini zoo (6 dogs, 3 cats, and a snake); the only way to properly usher in her ultimate dream of opening an animal sanctuary.

Stephanie believes in radical authenticity and a world where every SOUL is seen, heard, understood, accepted, celebrated, and loved BECAUSE of how they were uniquely created. No one can do what you do like you do. Period.

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