Kristen Lee Schindler is a homeschooling mom of three, author of the book “All the Things”, Podcast host of “All the Things with Kristen Schindler”, personal coach, small business owner, and also an international missionary currently working in the country of Sri Lanka.

Kristen lives with her husband, Eric, and her children in southern Illinois. She spent over 23 years in the public and private world of education teaching in various capacities with a focus on Language Arts and helping her students find their voices. For the last three years, she has enjoyed pouring into her own children as her family continues their journey of homeschooling.

Kristen has always loved to listen to other people’s stories and share her story with others. Her mission is to show up each day authentically, vulnerably, and listen to the hearts of others. With navigating the ins and outs of over seventeen years of both parenting and working, she is keenly aware of the delicate and challenging need of keeping “All the T.H.I.N.G.S.” in balance. She has felt called to share how together we can lift each other up to do that well. She longs to help people “Show Up Strong” for themselves, those they love, and those they are called to serve.

Kristen loves to see the connections and richness that communication and an openness to others hearts and experiences brings to the fabric of our lives. She is continually reminded that despite her desire to keep a firm grasp on all the things she would like to control, God has positioned himself to do the driving of her life. She is merely a passenger.

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