DAY 3 - Agenda

Vince Warnock - Welcome to the Summit
Kinsey Machos - Selling high ticket offers to scale faster
Tiffany Taylor
- Curbing distraction
Sierra Janisse
- Making your website and landing pages work for you
Michelle Griffin
- Building your personal brand in 2021
Natalie Klun
- The 3 step formula to be magnetic online
 --- --- --- ---
Kat Elizabeth - How to become the go-to expert in your niche
Stephanie Tilton
- Selling from a place of serving
Karen Yankovich
- Virtual Networking and LinkedIn Strategy
Laurie Burrows
- How to launch strategically
Wendi Blum Weiss
- The New Sales Paradigm

Vince Warnock - Wrap-up for the day

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