DAY 2 - Agenda

Vince Warnock - Welcome to the Summit
Ashley Mae Fernandez - How to identify and ONLY focus on the needle moving tasks in your business
Deasha Waddup
- Using Organic Facebook Marketing to get more sales in 2021
Becky Lafave
- The power of consistency
Anary Bellamy
- Stop Marketing and Start Making Impact
Kristen Lee Schindler
- The importance of balancing your T.H.I.N.G.S
 --- --- --- ---
Nick McGraw - Creating a real marketing budget for 2021
Humaira Akhter
- Identity Alignment
Hollie Lowes
- The 5 mistakes you're making when trying to find clients online
Stephanie Powell
- Getting bold and brazen in your brand/business
Lindsay Johnson
- Why radical self-acceptance is the key to unlocking more money in 2021

Vince Warnock - Wrap-up for the day

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